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EDI Viewer 4.0

With our EDI Viewer you can upload an EDIFACT message and it will be displayed segment by segment with the relevant values for the data elements. We are also able to display the correct segment groups and a test file is available to show the functionality without using your own data. Please have a look at our EDI Viewer 4.0.

EDI Guidelines

Create your own EDI Guidelines just in a few minutes! Just prepare an EDIFACT file and upload with our EDI Viewer. You have three options then: Display the file, display & create a PDF or display and create a Word document. With this approach you can easily document your EDI processes. Generate your own EDI Guidelines here.


Besides the EDI Viewer we are also providing an online EDI Formatter and an EDI Comparer in our Tools section. Use the EDI Formatter to format your endless EDIFACT string into a segment by segment EDIFACT message. Or compare two EDIFACT messages with our EDI Comparer. Just use our online EDI tools and make your EDI projects more efficient.

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