Segment D01B/DOC


To identify documents and details directly related to it.

Segment structure

C002       DOCUMENT/MESSAGE NAME                              M
   1001    Document name code                                 C   an1..3
   1131    Code list identification code                      C   an1..17
   3055    Code list responsible agency code                  C   an1..3
   1000    Document name                                      C   an1..35
C503       DOCUMENT/MESSAGE DETAILS                           C
   1004    Document identifier                                C   an1..35
   1373    Document status code                               C   an1..3
   1366    Document source description                        C   an1..70
   3453    Language name code                                 C   an1..3
   1056    Version identifier                                 C   an1..9
   1060    Revision identifier                                C   an1..6
3153       COMMUNICATION MEDIUM TYPE CODE                     C   an1..3
1220       DOCUMENT COPIES REQUIRED QUANTITY                  C   n1..2
1218       DOCUMENT ORIGINALS REQUIRED QUANTITY               C   n1..2