Segment D01B/MEA


To specify physical measurements, including dimension tolerances, weights and counts.

Segment structure

6311       MEASUREMENT PURPOSE CODE QUALIFIER                 M   an1..3
C502       MEASUREMENT DETAILS                                C
   6313    Measured attribute code                            C   an1..3
   6321    Measurement significance code                      C   an1..3
   6155    Non-discrete measurement name code                 C   an1..17
   6154    Non-discrete measurement name                      C   an1..70
C174       VALUE/RANGE                                        C
   6411    Measurement unit code                              M   an1..3
   6314    Measurement value                                  C   an1..18
   6162    Range minimum value                                C   n1..18
   6152    Range maximum value                                C   n1..18
   6432    Significant digits quantity                        C   n1..2
7383       SURFACE OR LAYER CODE                              C   an1..3