Data Elements

Data Elements of standard D95A

Following a list of Data Elements (fields with predefined values) defined in standard release D95A.

Data Element Description
1001 Document/message name, coded
Document/message identifier expressed in code.
1049 Message section, coded
Recognition of a particular part of a message.
1073 Document line indicator, coded
Code indicating if a document line is included or excluded for processing purposes.
1131 Code list qualifier
Identification of a code list.
1153 Reference qualifier
Code giving specific meaning to a reference segment or a reference number.
1159 Sequence number source, coded
Specification of the source for a specified sequence number in a coded form.
1225 Message function, coded
Code indicating the function of the message.
1227 Calculation sequence indicator, coded
Code indicating the sequence of cumulated calculations to be agreed between interchange partners.
1229 Action request/notification, coded
Code specifying the action to be taken or already taken.
1245 Status indicator, coded
Specification of a status or disposition.
1373 Document/message status, coded
To identify the status of a document/message.
1501 Computer environment details qualifier
A code to identify the computer environment details.
1503 Data format, coded
A code to identify the data format.
1505 Value list type, coded
A code indicating the type of value list.
1507 Class designator, coded
To identify a designated class.
2005 Date/time/period qualifier
Code giving specific meaning to a date, time or period.
2009 Time relation, coded
Code relating payment terms to a time before, on or after the reference date.
2013 Frequency, coded
Code specifying interval grouping of the delivery, production, etc. of the schedule.
2015 Despatch pattern, coded
Code specifying the days/periods for routine shipments or deliveries.
2017 Despatch pattern timing, coded
Code specifying the detailed times for routine shipments or deliveries within data element 2015 Despatch pattern, coded.
2151 Type of period, coded
Agreed or specified period of time (coded).
2379 Date/time/period format qualifier
Specification of the representation of a date, a date and time or of a period.
2475 Payment time reference, coded
Code relating payment terms to the date of a specific event.
3035 Party qualifier
Code giving specific meaning to a party.
3045 Party name format, coded
Specification of the representation of a party name.
3055 Code list responsible agency, coded
Code identifying the agency responsible for a code list.
3077 Test media, coded
Code specifying the medium on which the test was applied, e.g. animal, human.
3139 Contact function, coded
Code specifying the function of a contact (e.g. department or person).
3153 Communication channel identifier, coded
Code identifying the type of communication channel being used.
3155 Communication channel qualifier
Code identifying the type of communication channel being used.
3227 Place/location qualifier
Code identifying the function of a location.
3237 Sample location, coded
Code specifying the location, within the specimen, from which the sample was taken.
3279 Geographic environment, coded
Describe the geographic area for message.
3285 Recipient of the instruction identification
Party to whom the instruction is directed for advice or action.
3301 Party enacting instruction identification
Party responsible for carrying out the instruction.
4017 Delivery plan status indicator, coded
Code indicating the level of commitment of schedule information.
4027 Business function qualifier
Specification of the type of business function.
4055 Terms of delivery or transport function, coded
Indication whether the terms relate to e.g. price conditions, delivery conditions, transport conditions, or a combination of these.
4183 Special conditions, coded
Indication of a specific condition.
4219 Transport priority, coded
Coded priority of requested transport service.
4233 Marking instructions, coded
Code indicating instructions on how specified packages or physical units should be marked.
4277 Terms of payment identification
Identification of the terms of payment between the parties to a transaction (generic term).
4295 Change reason, coded
Identification of the reason for a change.
4347 Product id. function qualifier
Indication of the function of the product code.
4401 Instruction, coded
Specification of an action to be taken by the receiver of the message.
4405 Status, coded
Provides information regarding the status of an instruction.
4419 Test route of administering, coded
Code specifying the method of administering the test, e.g. oral, inhalation.
4435 Payment channel, coded
Identification of the channel of payment.
4451 Text subject qualifier
Code specifying subject of a free text.
4455 Back order, coded
Code to identify the back order agreement.
4461 Payment means, coded
Indication of the instrument of payment, which may include a guarantee.
4465 Adjustment reason, coded
Indication of reason for adjustment.
4487 Type of financial transaction, coded
Specification of the type of a financial transaction in coded form.
4499 Reason for inventory movement, coded
To explain the reason for the inventory movement.
4503 Inventory balance method, coded
To specify the method used to establish an inventory balance.
4507 Credit cover response, coded
Reply to a request for credit cover.
4511 Requested information, coded
To specify the information requested in a responding message in a coded form.
4517 Seal condition, coded
To indicate the condition of a seal.
5013 Index qualifier
To identify the type of index being referred to.
5027 Index type, coded
To identify the type of index.
5047 Contribution qualifier
Specification of the meaning of a financial contribution to a scheme or group.
5125 Price qualifier
Identification of a type of price.
5189 Charge/allowance description, coded
Identification of a charge or allowance.
5237 Charge category, coded
To indicate the category or zone of charges.
5245 Percentage qualifier
Identification of the usage of a percentage.
5273 Duty/tax/fee rate basis identification
Identification of the various elements of tax combination to be attributed to a commodity.
5305 Duty/tax/fee category, coded
Code identifying a tax/duty/fee category within a tax/duty/fee type system.
5379 Product group type, coded
Specification of the type of product group used for products.
5393 Price multiplier qualifier
Type of price multiplier.
5463 Allowance or charge qualifier
Specification of an allowance or charge for the service specified.
6063 Quantity qualifier
Code giving specific meaning to a quantity.
6071 Frequency qualifier
Indication of the application of a frequency.
6155 Measurement attribute, coded
Code used to specify non-discrete measurement values.
6173 Size qualifier
Indication of the type or application of a size.
6311 Measurement application qualifier
Specification of the application of the physical measurement used.
6321 Measurement significance, coded
Code specifying the significance of a measurement value.
6341 Currency market exchange, coded
Code identifying the market upon which the currency exchange rate is based.
6347 Currency details qualifier
Specification of the usage to which the currency relates.
7011 Article availability, coded
Code specifying the production status of an item.
7045 Sample description, coded
Code describing the state of the specimen.
7059 Property class, coded
Specification of the type of class.
7075 Packaging level, coded
Indication of level of packaging specified.
7081 Item characteristic, coded
Code specifying the item characteristic being described.
7085 Nature of cargo, coded
Code indicating the type of cargo as a rough classification.
7161 Special services, coded
Code identifying a special service.
7233 Packaging related information, coded
Code giving packaging, handling and marking related information.
7293 Sector/subject identification qualifier
Identification of the subject areas to which the specified conditions apply.
7365 Processing indicator, coded
Identifies the value to be attributed to indicators required by the processing system.
7405 Identity number qualifier
Code specifying the type/source of identity number.
7431 Agreement type qualifier
Indication of the type of agreement.
7449 Membership qualifier
Specification of the meaning of a code to qualify membership data.
7491 Type of inventory affected, coded
To specify the type of inventory which is affected by an inventory movement or expressed in an inventory balance.
7495 Identification qualifier
To identify a type of object.
8051 Transport stage qualifier
Qualifier giving a specific meaning to the transport details.
8077 Equipment supplier, coded
To indicate the party that is the supplier of the equipment.
8155 Equipment size and type identification
Coded description of the size and type of equipment e.g. unit load device.
8179 Type of means of transport identification
Code defining the type of the means of transport being utilized.
8273 Dangerous goods regulations, coded
Code indicating the regulation, international or national, applicable for a means of transport.
8281 Transport ownership, coded
Code indicating the ownership of the means of transport.
8325 Category of means of transport, coded
Identification of the type of means of transport determined to carry particular goods, not necessarily being hazardous.
8339 Packing group, coded
Identification of a packing group by code.
8393 Returnable package load contents, coded
To indicate the composition of goods loaded into a returnable package.
8457 Excess transportation reason, coded
Indication of reason for excess transportation.
9003 Employment qualifier
Specification of the meaning of employment details.
9013 Status reason, coded
Code identifying the reason behind a status event.
9017 Attribute function qualifier
Specification of the meaning of an attribute function.
9213 Type of duty regime, coded
Identification of the statement of the full/preferential regime according to which duty is assessed.
9353 Government procedure, coded
Code identifying the treatment applied by the government to goods which are subject to a control.
9415 Government agency, coded
To indicate government agencies that are involved.
9421 Stages qualifier
Code identifying the kind of stage in a process.